Best Male Enhancement Pills of 2019

best male enhancement pills that work fast

The best male enhancement pills of natural origin have already rightly become ingrained in the sex lives of millions of men from all over the world.

These pills earned a place in the sun because such remedies give the men what they expect.

That is, the male enhancers don’t let the male sexual potency go for naught.

Also, the natural male sexuality and virility enhancers offer an unparalleled way out for all men who don’t wish to imperil their own health when taking prescription medications.

Let’s consider the most potent penis supplements in 2019.


Male Enhanement Pills #1: Viasil

male enhancementsThis male enhancement product is in the list of the well-performing natural pills intended for the solution of bedroom performance problems in men.

Without any prescription, you will get a 100% health friendly pill marked by the perfect Swiss quality.

If you aspire to quickly and effectively repair your erectile function, enjoy impressive libido, add driving force to your stamina and endurance, and lift energy levels.

The product works by increasing nitric oxide supply and delivering much more blood to your member.

This pill will never allow erectile dysfunction to control your relationship and destroy your self-esteem.

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#2 VigRX Plus

natural male enhancersThis supplement is ranked as the leader among the non-synthetic pills for flawless erections and perfect sexual stamina and libido.

The soaring sales of this product prove its exclusive ability to tackle the men’s intimate troubles naturally.

The supplement manufacturer which has a spotless reputation, included only the most carefully selected ingredients to the product formula.

These ingredients not only have aphrodisiac properties and give a boost to nitric oxide emergence, but also stimulate testosterone secretion.

That’s why this supplement can target your manliness in all its bearings without the need for prescription drugs.

The pill features a high level of ease of use, safety, and trustworthiness, as well as can be bought over the counter.

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#2 Male Extra

Since the time this natural male supplement originated on the market, a decade has already passed. This time was enough to win the trustiness and loyalty of many men from different parts of the world.

The men love this enhancement remedy because of its ability to successfully fight weak and short erections, increase sex drive, and make orgasms much more memorable.

Moreover, this pill can even enlarge your manhood in the erect state.

So, this safe, non-prescription product safeguards your masculinity in its all manifestations.

These effects are possible due to the availability of strong all-natural ingredient content which supercharges blood supply to the genitals and improves nitric oxide synthesis.

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#4 ProSolution

sexual enhancement pillsProSolution male enhancement pills help:

  • Restore proper manhood blood supply
  • Contribute to attaining and sustaining rock-hard, full erections
  • Promote enjoyment of prolonged duration of erections
  • Enhance orgasm vividness and intensity
  • Give a boost to sexual arousal and desire
  • The safety and reliability of the pill are confirmed by the healthcare experts.

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    #5 ExtenZe

    what is the most effective male enhancement supplementExtenZe male enhancement supplement helps restore the men’s ability to have completely satisfactory erections.

    That is, due to the availability of powerful and harmless herbal blend in the pill formula, erections become much more rigid and fuller, while their duration also prolongs.

    Sexual appetite will also substantially grow and make your sexual experience brighter. But the most expected effect which each man desires is the ability of the pill to promote the manhood size increase.

    The harmless, highly beneficial effects of the supplementation are backed with clinical approval.

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    VigRX Oil – Alternative Male Enhancement Solution

    VigRX Oil is a herbal massage oil that is designed to stimulate the blood flow to the penis to provide stronger, better erections.

    It takes very little time to work, as the active ingredients are readily absorbed right through the skin, allowing immediate and enhanced sexual performance.

    While it does significantly improve erection to provide improved sexual performance, it is not a treatment for erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation.

    VigRX Oil formula consists of all-natural ingredients including Aloe Vera gel, Korean Red Ginseng, Hawthorne berry, Damiana, Tribulus Muira Puama.

    As these ingredients are all-natural, they do not have any harsh chemicals that may cause any unwanted side effects or allergic reaction.

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    Advantages of Male Enhancement Pills

    Male enhancement pills of natural origin managed to become a favorite helper of modern men regardless of their age and social status.

    Thus, men benefit from the use of potency supplements because they can:

    • Increase member measurements in the erect state
    • Recharge bedroom stamina and endurance
    • Make sexual encounter more pleasurable
    • Breathe a new life into sexual performance
    • Repair self-confidence not only in sex life, but in other spheres of life as well
    • Relieve the manifestations of erectile dysfunction
    • Intensify high-quality sperm secretion

    There is also a range of additional but still essential health advantages which male enhancers may bring:

    • Maintenance of healthy cardiovascular system
    • Much better immune system functioning
    • Improvement of urinal tract
    • Mood and energy lifting effect
    • Possibility to overcome chronic tiredness
    • Opportunity to supercharge overall well-being

    It’s clear that your entire body, and especially sexual potency, can take advantage of supplementation with the most advanced non-synthetic male enhancement pills. Moreover, the great news is that such remedies are safe, non-invasive, painless, easy-to-use, and over-the-counter.

    How to Enhance the Effects of Male Enhancement Pills

    It’s undoubtedly important to find sexual enhancement products of superior quality, which can give you what you expect from supplementation. But you shouldn’t count only on the supplements.

    The matter is that the natural enhancers work as an auxiliary tool in the fight against various issues that bother men in intimate life. Luckily, there are proven ways to enhance the efficacy of male supplements.

    Let’s look at them through:

    Consumption of Nutrient-Dense Foods

    Sometimes, it’s just enough to care about its eating pattern to give a strong boost to the erectile function and potency in men.

    Make sure that your diet contains the adequate amounts of omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, macronutrients, micronutrients, and minerals which enhance nitric oxide secretion and strengthen circulatory system.

    Restorative Sleep

    Even if you use the best non-artificial male enhancement pills, the normalization of sleep is key to your success during the process of sexual potency restoration. If you overcome sleep deprivation, you will do a favor to your erection quality, libido, bedroom stamina, and levels of sex hormones. To do this, you should devote at least 8 hours to your night sleep on an everyday basis.

    No Alcohol Abuse

    Excessive alcohol drinking suppresses the man’s ability to attain and sustain top-quality erections. Alcohol is harmful to the nervous system, which regulates nitric oxide release. Also, too much alcohol negatively affects sexual appetite and testosterone secretion. So, if you aspire your bedroom performance to become satisfactory, you should restrict alcohol consumption and make it occasional.

    Stress Reduction

    Often, even the most effective male enhancement pills can’t aid if the man is distressed 24 hours a day. Chronic stress is one of the worst destroying forces chasing for virile strength, sexual desire, and strong, long-lasting erections. That’s why one of your primary tasks is to solve your psychological problems and acquire appropriate skills for stress management.

    Aerobic Exercises

    Blood circulation issues are one of the most frequent causes of poor sexual potency. But there is scientific evidence that aerobic exercises can recharge the cardiovascular system. All kinds of aerobic exercises will be suitable for this purpose.

    Kegel Exercise

    Kegel exercise is the pelvic muscle training, which is proved to be well-working for strengthening bulbocavernosus muscle in men. Due to this, it’s possible to keep erections solid and full longer than usual, as well as put the ejaculation process under control.

    sexual enhancement pills

    Side Effects of Male Enhancement Pills

    To fully depict the truth about male enhancement pills, it’s also important to mention side effects that they may provoke.

    Actually, in the majority of cases, the natural male enhancers don’t create health troubles for those who take them because of all-natural ingredient content.

    However, even the first-class products which enhance male potency may feature some probability of side effects.

    Usually, if some adverse reactions happen, they are minor and can’t pose a serious threat to your health. These reactions are as follows:

    • Digestive disorder
    • Headache
    • Sleep loss
    • Dizziness
    • Anxiety
    • Irritability
    • Lack of energy

    You should remember that you will substantially decrease the probability of even the mildest side effects if you:

    • Don’t forget to read and adhere to the manufacturer’s intake recommendations.
    • Drink a high amount of water during the supplementation.
    • Don’t take a few types of supplements simultaneously.
    • Don’t undergo pharmaceutical treatment with prescription drugs when you take some male enhancers.

    Also, we would like to emphasize that people who suffer from different medical conditions, especially cardiovascular diseases shouldn’t use natural male enhancement pills without the doctor’s approval.

    That’s because the herbal components available in such remedies are known for their ability to interact with active prescription substances.

    You should be sure that your state of health will not impede the intake of male enhancement pills.

    Male Enhancement And Natural Enlargement Pills

    A simple pill can be your go-to source for all of your enhancement needs or can land you in the waiting room at the doctor’s office. While penis pills delight men around the world, not every pill does what it is supposed to do. Most male enhancement pills are for men with erectile dysfunction. If this is the reason you are seeking the help of penis pills, do not order anything that your doctor hasn’t recommended.

    If you could use a boost in performance, are suffering from the lack of libido, penis pills can help.

    What Are Penis Pills Good For?

    Male enhancement pills are great for natural penis enlargement and natural male enhancement. There is an actual difference between the two. It comes down to the ingredients used in a pills composition, and additional treatment is used in conjunction with pills.

    Here is a list of benefits regarding enhancement:

    • Improvement in erection hardness and rigidity
    • Enhanced sexual stamina / endurance
    • More desire, lust and a general boost in libido
    • Robust erectionsArousal on-demand
    • More control over your erections
    • More sensual pleasures, intensified orgasms

    As for enlargement, pills are great for a minimal increase in size and are an even better addition to a treatment that can stack on extra inches. Its all about the ingredients, so for enlargement purposes, all of the benefits listed above are included plus these:

    • Bigger, thicker, swollen-like erections
    • Enhanced sexual satisfaction
    • Boost in confidence
    • Improved erectile function

    over the counter penis enhancement pills

    What’s The Difference Between Enlargement & Enhancement Pills?

    The classification of each pill is self-explanatory. Both types of pills are very similar, except when it comes down to ingredients and usage.

    Enhancement Pills

    This type of pill is just a supplement you take daily. They intend to improve your sexuality in general, without having to do more than take a pill. Effects plateau after a while and when you stop taking them, the effects dwindle slowly after. Good for a quick fix/upgrade in erection quality and libido.

    Enlargement Pills

    Male enlargement pills consist of ingredients that help improve blood circulation within your penis. They also help stimulate natural erection hardness, firmness, and helping them appear slightly bigger. The term enlargement is applied more towards using a permanent natural penis enlargement treatment with pills.

    You have the one treatment encouraging advanced natural growth, while you have pills that help improve the situation by lavishing your body and penis with beneficial nutrients.

    Don’t even expect to achieve a bigger penis using pills, possibly minimal gains.

    What Qualities Make A Great Penis Pill?

    You can narrow many of the best penis pills out by assessing ingredients. You probably do not know too much about what’s right and what’s not. But if you pay attention when viewing at manufacturer web sites, you can score the right pills, at the right price.

    1. Look For Ingredient Listings
    It’s one thing just finding the ingredients that fulfill a pill’s composition. It doesn’t help you much if the manufacturer doesn’t tell you what each ingredient does. It is a signal you probably have found a scam. There needs to be a description that explains ingredients use; it’s the origin (natural or not).

    2. Is It Natural / Organic?
    Never should you use a pill full of synthetic ingredients. Unless you are prescribed Viagra, Levitra, or Cialis, make sure you consume only organic-based male enhancement pills that have a good reputation. Yohimbe, a common ingredient used by many penis pills is as effective as can be. But it has a bit of a nasty after-effect that can raise your blood pressure or cause sleeplessness. A quick Google search will clarify if it’s bad or not; that’s all you need to do for a second opinion.

    3. Is It Guaranteed?
    An excellent male enhancement pill should make you feel 100% confident. If you are not offered a satisfaction guarantee or are eligible to receive your money back at the end of treatment, then don’t buy this kind of brand!

    4. What Are The Alleged Effects?
    Most penis pills do not provide any scientific research regarding the efficacy of their use. Some do, but it’s hard to make any sense of what this data means. Very few male enhancement brands pursue clinical testing to validate any claims or assertions they say their product is capable of. If you come across a pill that promises multiple inch gains, then its a scam.

    best sex pills men

    Can Male Enhancement Pills Make Penis Grow?

    Male enhancement pills nowadays are so often discussed by the men that the effects of such pills have already virtually become steeped in legends and myths. There is one most widespread myth intricately contrived by the advertisers, marketing experts, and manufacturers. This myth tells that the ED supplements are able to make the manhood dimensions increase. Well, it’s possible to find an inkling of the truth in such claims. But only it’s just inkling. Let’s consider why.

    If you seriously approach the issue of male enhancement pills choice, you will purchase the remedies which obligatorily consist of the natural active substances able to activate nitric oxide production.
    Your blood vessels regardless of where they are located need nitric oxide for their proper relaxation and dilation. The manhood blood vessels especially demand this natural chemical compound. When the blood vessels available in your member relax enough, the blood-holding capacity of the manhood grows. That’s why due to the action of nitric oxide the member blood supply substantially raises. This happens quickly. And you can expect a firm erection soon. In this case, the erection fullness exceeds the fullness which you can count on as a rule, without the use of natural male enhancement pills. For this reason, the manhood looks bigger than typically.

    However, the larger penis size is possible only when the penis is erect. It means that when the erection disappears the manhood dimensions remain unchanged. The male enhancement pills can’t make your member enlarge in the flaccid state. And the penis length and circumference don’t increase.
    So, if your goal is to enlarge your member, you shouldn’t try to do this with the help of male enhancement products. Such products will improve the quality of your erections in particular and sex life in general, but will not contribute to the penis growth.

    Advantages of Natural Male Enhancement Pills

    Though the men still like the prescription branded drugs for their immediate effects in the form of a rigid erection, the growing number of customers prefers the natural male enhancement pills. These remedies are very beneficial for the men with ED. That’s because the penis enhancement supplements provide unquestionable advantages to the users:

    • Improvement of erectile function
    • Firmer and fuller erections
    • Better sexual arousal
    • Increase in sex drive and virile strength
    • Revival of sexual endurance and stamina
    • Enhancement of bedroom performance
    • Restoration of sexual self-esteem
    • Optimization of overall wellness
    • Long-term really curing effects
    • Natural origin of all active substances
    • Scientific evidence of the ingredients’ efficacy
    • Almost zero probability of adverse reactions
    • Clinically proven safety of the supplements
    • No requirement for a prescription
    • No artificial active substances
    • Availability of money-back guarantee

    Impotence also known as Erectile Dysfunction (short form ED) is a serious sexual health condition that must be cured. You will need to know your root cause of the impotence because not all causes of impotence are the same.

    Protection against Counterfeit Medications

    Cautiousness is a must if you are going to purchase male enhancement pills regardless of their origin. Among both natural and artificial remedies for healing the impairment of erectile function, it’s possible to frequently face the counterfeit products. But the sphere of the natural penis pills especially suffers from the unfair manufacturers and scammers.

    The counterfeit products emerge on the market not rarely because the natural male supplementation realm is not regulated well. In particular, the Food and Drug Administration are not endowed with enough powers to exclude all counterfeit pills out of the market.

    According to the FDA, many male enhancement supplements which are claimed to be safe and natural in fact include too little amounts of natural ingredients. There is even evidence that some of the supplements which have to be all-natural don’t contain the natural active substances at all. Also, in some cases, the supplements may include Sildenafil, though they actually don’t have.

    This situation is especially widespread for the developing countries where the percent of the counterfeit male enhancement pills is the highest. This happens because people from these countries just can’t afford purchasing the high-quality branded anti-impotence medications. Also, the legal regulation in the developing countries is at the poor level which doesn’t allow preventing the production of counterfeit drugs and medications by the swindlers.

    That’s why you have to be very careful if you are going to buy the male enhancement pills for combating erectile dysfunction. When you select the manhood remedies, make sure you purchase them from the trustworthy manufacturers only. You should study all possible information about the pill manufacturer. And you should choose only the most comprehensive sources of this information.

    In addition, it’s advisable to learn all the details about the penis enhancement pill itself. You have to find out everything about the ingredient content and pill peculiarities. In such a way, you will ensure a proper protection of your health.

    penis supplement

    Factors Which Cause Erectile Dysfunction

    Before you select any kind of impotence treatment, you should first of all to make sure that you really have such a disorder. And even if you got such a diagnosis, the new, more difficult task arises. That is, it’s crucial to find out what exactly provoked the development of erectile dysfunction.

    The medical experts distinguish the following factors, which lead to the inability to attain and sustain a normal erection:

    • Underlying medical conditions (diabetes, kidney disorders, cardiovascular diseases, neurological disorders)
    • Prostate cancer and consequences of its surgical and/or pharmaceutical treatment
    • Pelvic injuries
    • Chronic stress and depression
    • Mental disorders
    • Unhealthy habits

    It’s important to remember that you can’t determine by yourself, which exactly factor or factors are guilty of erectile dysfunction occurrence. Only the medical expert has necessary competence and uses the latest techniques and technologies for finding out the true causes of impotence and further advising the best male enhancement pills.

    That’s why it’s strongly not recommended to practice self-diagnostics and self-treatment. If you entrust your sexual health to the real professional, your chances of successful treatment substantially increase.

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